Over two decades of experience in the disciplines of hydrographic surveying enable Innerspace to furnish “survey ready” vessels. Attention to detail, quality, performance and long term reliability are paramount in the designs.

Once the particular survey applications and boat requirements are discussed with each customer and the best equipment selected, a detailed quotation is provided. Typically, each line item under the major groups is priced so that the customer can see the cost breakdown in detail. Major groups usually include: base boat, engine package, cabin, deck/hull equipment, electrical, positioning systems, computer and software, sonar-single beam, sonar-multibeam (if required), cabinetry and equipment racks.

Typically, the boats we quote are from 23 to 55 feet (7 to 17 meters) long with rugged aluminum hulls. If the vessel is already owned, Innerspace can provide a custom cabin layout and installation.

There are hundreds of details to consider in setting up a survey boat. It is extremely difficult to think of everything if you have no prior experience. Innerspace has the experience, we hope you will contact us when you need a survey boat.

Because of a modular concept using equipment racks and the prior boat experience of Innerspace personnel, the customer receives a custom installation while incurring only minimum engineering costs. Deliveries of these professional quality survey vessels can usually be made within 120 days.

Once delivered, and operators are trained, the customer will be assured that the boat furnished is at the state-of-the-art for hydrographic surveying.

Some examples of boats are shown in the PHOTOS section of the Website- be sure to see them.