TIDE GAUGESLocal and Remote Sampling


In addition to the 110 Tide Gauge shown below, Innerspace specializes in integrated turn-key tide gauge systems including telemetry or telephone line hook ups, multiple site installations and remote monitoring.


The 110 Tide Gauge is an economical, solid state instrument for monitoring and recording water level in lakes, rivers and oceans. The internally recorded water level data can be recalled periodically at the sensor site via a simple computer, or can be monitored and recorded on a survey boat or dredge via a short or long range UHF or VHF data link. (See 453A RF Modem in RF Telemetry section of this website).

An onboard microprocessor controls sampling, averaging, storage and data transmission. Over 100,000 samples can be stored in the standard 128K RAM. As an example, a typical deployment might be to average all standard sensors for 1 minute and store this once every 5 minutes; for this scheme, the instrument would store 150 days worth of information. Options to store over 350,000 samples are available.

The Tide Gauge measures tides with 0.1% accuracy using a strain gauge pressure sensor (or alternatively a quartz sensor).

PC software is provided with the 110 which contains graphics and help keys to provide user-friendly control.

Product data sheet is available; contact our sales department